Share Price Information

There are a number of websites that provide share price information, including the NZX and Stocknessmonster. Click on the names in gold to view Rubicon's current share price.

Stock Exchange Listing

The Company's shares are listed on the New Zealand stock market (ticker symbol RBC).

Financial Calendar

Rubicon’s next (audited) financial reporting period will be for the 15 months from 1 July 2016 to 30 September 2017.

Shareholder Enquiries

Shareholders with enquiries about share transactions or changes of address should contact the Share Registrar:
Computershare Investor Services Limited
Level 2, 159 Hurstmere Road,
Takapuna, Auckland

Private Bag 92119,
Auckland 1020,
New Zealand

Telephone: 64-9-488 8777

Facsimile: 64-9-488 8787


Also see Computershare's Online Self Service.

Electronic Communications

You can elect to receive your shareholder communications electronically. To update your details and select your preference for shareholder communications, click here. Alternatively send your name, address and CSN or holder number to advising you wish to receive your Rubicon shareholder communications by email.

Forward Looking Statements

There are statements in this website that are “forward looking statements.” As these forward-looking statements are predictive in nature, they are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties relating to Rubicon, and our Tenon Clearwood and ArborGen investments, some of which are beyond our control. As a result of the foregoing, actual results and conditions may differ materially from those expressed or implied by such statements. Tenon Clearwood’s risks and uncertainties include - that its operations and results are significantly influenced by the level of activity in the various sectors of the economies in which it competes, particularly in North America and Europe. Fluctuations in industrial output, foreign exchange changes, commercial and residential construction activity, capital availability, housing turnover and pricing, levels of repair and remodelling and additions to existing homes, new housing starts, relative exchange rates, interest rates, and profitability of customers, can have a substantial impact on Tenon Clearwood’s results of operations and financial condition. ArborGen’s risks and uncertainties include (in addition to those of Tenon Clearwood) - the global markets and geographies in which it operates, intellectual property protection, regulatory approvals, public and customer acceptance of genetically engineered products, customer adoption of advanced seedling products, the success of ArborGen’s research and development activities, weather conditions and biological matters. As a result of the foregoing, actual results and conclusions may differ materially from those expressed or implied by such statements.